Corporate Counselling

The pressures of the modern business world can be intense. Stress, burn-out and fatigue among executives and workers are all too common. If you recognise the symptoms in yourself, it can often be useful to establish a relationship with a mentor – someone who can advise and counsel you towards a more balanced and productive working life.

Not only can the consequences for individual employees be severe in terms of depression and addiction, but they are also a significant issue for employers. After a company has invested time and money in someone’s career, it’s in their own interests to see them prosper. Nowadays, a lengthy stay at a top clinic for one of your executives simply may not be feasible from a practical or financial point of view.

Prevention rather than cure

Proactive intervention works for your member of staff and it works for you too, as you avoid the lost productivity which comes from absence and under-performance. According to the UK’s Health & Safety Executive, over 11 million days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression in 2013-2014.

Brian Burgess, drawing on his experience as both a counsellor and business entrepreneur, is able to offer a mentoring and therapy service to companies concerned about particular employees. The key is to identify people at risk and to act before their problems get out of hand. With Brian’s one-to-one support, they can continue to pursue their chosen career path and your business can save on a great deal of time and money.

Whether you’re an individual who is seeking support, or an employer who wants to offer counselling to your staff, please call or email Brian today for an informal and confidential discussion.

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