Drug addiction therapy

Drug addiction can manifest itself in many different ways. A person could be addicted to prescription medications, inhalants or other, common street drugs (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, etc.). A willingness to experiment and curiosity can sometimes be the initial factors that lure an individual into a drug-addicted life. They want and like to feel the “high,” or euphoric experience that occurs with substance abuse. Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease. It’s a serious, ongoing brain condition characterised by an uncontrollable desire to seek out and use drugs despite the long-term negative consequences. The cravings can be intense and can also mask other mental problems the abuser and loved ones may not even realise exist.

Whether used experimentally, for recreation, socially, occasionally, or for medical purposes, use of a potentially habit-forming substance for almost any purpose can and frequently does result in a dependency on that drug. While almost any drug use can cause great harm, one of the most harmful reasons for drug abuse—in terms of the likelihood that it will lead to addiction—is the type that is caused by a desire to numb pain, reduce constant negative emotions or to deal with difficulties in an individual’s life.

Therapy for drug addiction

Drug addiction therapy should be designed to meet the individual person’s problems and needs. The proper therapy settings, treatments, and solutions offered should be discussed with loved ones and involve their inputs as well. Drug rehab is a solution that’s achieved by hard work from the patient and by having a determined mindset. True addiction recovery can never be accomplished if the person seeking treatment doesn’t want it. Drug addiction is not usually something that can be accomplished alone. Thought not impossible, curing a drug addiction is a lifelong process that ultimately depends on the addicted person’s ability and willingness to be accountable.

Someone with a drug addiction needs help from addiction professionals, counsellors, and honest friends. A drug addiction is just that — the brain and body have become dependent on the drugs. Only professional assistance can enable an individual to conquer it. While drug addiction therapy can be a significant investment, there’s no question that a life free from addiction is well worth the expense. The consequences of ignoring a drug addiction can have devastating consequences for family, friends and the community at large.

About Brian Burgess

Brian Burgess is a Barnes, SW London based therapist and counsellor. He has a vast experience when it comes to treating people from all backgrounds for a wide range of addictions, including drugs and alcohol. If you or someone you know has drug addiction problems, please call Brian now on 020 3096 6277 for a free initial consultation. Your call will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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