One-To-One Therapy


Many people understand the importance of looking after themselves. Better food. Regular exercise. Taking a proper break every now and again.

But there is also a need to look after your mind and sense of wellbeing. You could see therapy/counselling as representing the gymnasium of the mind.

So you don’t need to be affected by a particular issue to see a therapist or counsellor, although if you’ve been troubled by stress, depression, relationship problems or substance misuse, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible.

If you opt for one-to-one sessions with Brian, he will get to understand you as an individual and work with you to resolve the underlying problems you’re facing. It’s a very personal journey, but with Brian as your guide, you will benefit from an independent perspective, feel supported and will grow in confidence that you can overcome the obstacles holding you back.

Therapy sessions with Brian can take place at his practice in Barnes (or in your own home if you’d prefer) and are offered on an open-ended basis. Choose whether you want therapy/counselling for three weeks, three months or longer. It’s a chance for you to live the most fulfilling life you undoubtedly deserve.

Brian Burgess faced his own issues with addiction in the past and, following his own recovery (25 years clean and sober), has dedicated much of his time to helping others through counselling and his involvement in rehabilitation projects.

"Brian was an important member of my staff at the out-patient PROMIS Counselling Centre and in-patient PROMIS Recovery Centre for two years from 2000 until 2002. He worked initially in marketing but was also very helpful in counselling patients who had stressful negative experiences in their lives, as he had done in his. He was loyal, diligent and trustworthy. I now count him as a friend as well as a professional colleague."

- Dr Robert Lefever - Addiction and rehabilitation expert and author

“I've known Brian Burgess for over thirty years now. Hand on heart, I can tell you that his life experiences have more than qualified him as someone who has lived through more than most of us have in a lifetime. Coupled with his counselling skills, this makes him not just a listener, but a hearer of pain and confusion. His Talking Therapies come from a place of strong, but gentle survival which is what makes me respect him so much.... And it takes a lot to impress me! "

Trisha Goddard - Talk show host, actress

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