Relationship Counselling


Compared to only a few years ago, it seems like our world has become even more stressful. Life’s constant pressures, demands, and obligations can result in emotional challenges for everyone. What’s worse is that, quite often, these problems often spill over and affect the ones we love the most. In these situations, counselling for couples who are dealing with the effects of anxiety, depression or other psychological symptoms that are driving a wedge between them can be a relationship saver.

Relationship counselling addresses the two main roles involved in communication – being the listener and being the speaker. Each partner needs to understand how to properly do both in order for the relationship to move to a more mature phase. Each partner’s goal is to keep the other from feeling defensive and ensure the other is heard. Too many couples waste years having the same arguments always trying to win and never taking turns being the speaker and the listener. The goal in couple’s counselling is to help the two parties overcome old habits and replace them with effective talking and listening strategies. Research has shown that relationship counselling for couples in any life stage can be highly beneficial for the overall quality, peace of mind, and longevity of the marriage or relationship.

Marriage counselling services have a high likelihood of helping, even with serious problems such as constant bickering, insults, and even infidelity. With the right counselling – using a therapist specialising in relationships or a counselling psychologist, and a couple’s willingness to work hard, any marriage can be saved.

The best time to seek relationship counselling is before minor problems become major problems. If you communicate regularly, fight fairly and forgive often, good for you! Believe it or not, you’re still a candidate for relationship counselling and can find great benefit in strengthening your relationship and deepening the connection you feel with your spouse. The safe, private location of a counsellor’s office is the perfect place to explore fears, thoughts, and anything you might not have discussed with your spouse beforehand. The ultimate goal is to get to know your spouse better and strengthen your love for each other.

If you or someone you know is having relationship problems, or you would simply like to strengthen your relationship, please call Brian Burgess now on 020 3096 6277 for a free initial consultation. Your call will be treated in the strictest confidence.

"Brian was an important member of my staff at the out-patient PROMIS Counselling Centre and in-patient PROMIS Recovery Centre for two years from 2000 until 2002. He worked initially in marketing but was also very helpful in counselling patients who had stressful negative experiences in their lives, as he had done in his. He was loyal, diligent and trustworthy. I now count him as a friend as well as a professional colleague."

- Dr Robert Lefever - Addiction and rehabilitation expert and author

“I've known Brian Burgess for over thirty years now. Hand on heart, I can tell you that his life experiences have more than qualified him as someone who has lived through more than most of us have in a lifetime. Coupled with his counselling skills, this makes him not just a listener, but a hearer of pain and confusion. His Talking Therapies come from a place of strong, but gentle survival which is what makes me respect him so much.... And it takes a lot to impress me! "

Trisha Goddard - Talk show host, actress

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